Marita on the enviro VW debacle

So originally I thought the VW trick was to avoid the small particle emissions standards, but no–it’s the Nitrous Oxide standards.

Nitrous Oxide is an ozone precursor–it is not toxic and studies have never shown a death or disease effect, but Ozone was a targeted air pollutant because it contributed to scary smog.

I can assure you smog, ambient, even terrible smog of the old historic smog of LA never killed anyone.

Ozone offended people and was a great hook for the enviros.

Marita’s essay for this week, from AmSpec.


7 responses to “Marita on the enviro VW debacle

  1. Sorry Steve, this is way off the subject, but I am amazed at something and I can’t find anyone that knows what is happening. For years since the emission standards for diesel fuel were raised, diesel has been >$0.20/ gal higher than reg gasoline, even through all the cosine wave price changes. Suddenly it is >$0.12/ gal cheaper than reg gasoline. What is going on?

  2. So, VW found a way to trick the emissions test, which is also the basis for fuel economy numbers, for diesel engines. Are other automakers as smart as VW and also tricking emissions tests on their engine. Why not gasoline engine emission tests?

  3. Allen Brooks: It seems the Saudi’s are refining diesel and flooding the market:

    “The world’s top crude oil exporter Saudi Arabia has turned itself into a major power of refined fuels, offering customers millions of barrels of diesel and potentially triggering a price war with Asian competitors as its exports feed into a glut.”

  4. and don’t remember it makes perfect sense to tune the performance figures of a car in real time depending on how the vehicle is being driven.
    It allows the manufacturer to always have the car perform optimally at the best tradeoff between performance and fuel economy.

    Customers and regulators should aplaude such innovation, not suppress it.

  5. The claim way back when was refinery capacity and high demand created the bump in diesel prices–I think that was somewhat true.

    Market will bear comes to mind–diesel was more efficient for MPG

    Trucks have to go on diesel.

    Now, if the refineries are retooling for diesel, no wonder a drop in diesel prices.

    I have family in the trucking business and I am happy that diesel is less expensive, I always cringed to see all those trucks lined up to pay for expensive diesel, know that some of those guys were owner operators who had to take the hit on a small operation.

  6. Nitrous oxide? That’s Laughing Gas! I love that stuff – got me through labour and delilvery a coupla times. They should crank out more.

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