Lt. Col. Bob Endlich provides info on why biofuels suck–big time

Marita Noon recommended I put this man Lt. Col Endlich, on my list of people with expertise who think and write well.

Former Air Force meteorologist, but more than that.

I provide his note and his link to a comprehensive monograph by Capt Ike Kiefer (US Navy) that takes down alternative fuels nonsense. Nothing comes close to gas and diesel. And diesel engines are essential to heavy work.

From Lt. Col. Endlich:

Met you at a couple of the Climate Conferences.

I used to be an Army Battle Command instructor and software test engineer and was a regular at the CTSF when I was working for a project called IMETS (weather and weather effects on the battlefield) in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Spent an exercise in the Darnall Army Hospital parking lot as well as numerous locations on and around Ft Hood.

Marita Noon suggested that I join your email group. Marita and I used to spend a half hour every week on the News New Mexico syndication before it folded last 31 December.

I see where a recent topic concerns Ethanol, Cellulosic Ethanol, and green energy.

I have presented the attached to local groups here in Las Cruces.

(Link here courtesy of Mr. Milloy.)

The materials are based on a monograph by retired Navy Captain “Ike” Kieffer to be found at:

, and used with his kind permission.

There is a lot of information in Ike’s monograph (that debunks all the claims made about alternative fuel sources).

I tried to condense it into a digestible form readily presentable to the public at large.

Of course like many of us, Endlich has another professional expertise–a career meteorologist.

•Bachelor’s: Geology Rutgers, ’62
•Basic Meteorology: Texas A&M ‘63-64
•Master’s: Meteorology Penn State ’69
•21 Years as Weather Officer in USAF
•25 Years R&D– Test/Evaluation

Here’s the link to the Kieffer paper:

IN the paper titled “Promises of Green Energy: 21st Energy Snake Oil,” we find the following major points discussed, among other things.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Biofuels:
1. crippling fossil fuel dependence,
2. deficient EROI at scale,
3. poor quality (energy density, power density, infrastructure and engine compatibility, need for hydrotreatment, etc.),
4. huge environmental impact (land and water footprint, nitrate poisoning(eutrophication) and agrichemical runoff, irreversible conversion of and damage to biodiverse habitat),
5. higher lifecycle GHG emissions (when properly counting land use change and all N2O, CH4, and CO2),
6. increased global instability (food competition, “green grabbing” land confiscation, displacement of native populations, pseudo-slave labor),
7. decreased energy security (higher cost, greater price volatility, annual production with no reserves, vulnerable to weather and crop failures, etc.).


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