Michael Mann loses another fake Nobel prize

Yesterday, I learned that Youngstown State University had made the following claim about hokey stick inventor Michael Mann.


Despite Mann’s repeated claims, he has never won a Nobel prize.

I alerted Youngstown State’s Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer about the error and he promptly e-mailed back:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.34.37 PM copy

So Mann is back to just being part of the IPCC — as was, say, skeptic John Christy. Although Christy never falsely claimed to be a Nobel prize winner.

JunkScience has also taken away Nobel prizes awarded to Mann by UCLA, Angelo State University, and Economia magazine.


7 responses to “Michael Mann loses another fake Nobel prize

  1. How does the guy sleep?

    • By convincing himself that he is doing God’s work, of course. I could give you the names of many more grant-supported academic “scientists” who are just the same.

      Or, you could just see who gets the most money from NIH—for starters.

  2. Some humans won Nobels.
    I am a human.

  3. Even the UN IPCC declared in a US court of law in the case concerning Mark Steyn that Mann was not a recipient. Thus forcing Mann to change his charge which was originally stated as “defamation of a Nobel Prize recipient”

    So Dr. Beierdorfer is not “going forward” but is going backward when it comes to integrity.

  4. Nobel PEACE prize. In other words a political award and nothing to do with science. These guys are a disgrace.

  5. All of the dishonest, “green” rent and grant seeker activists are as fake as their science.

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