Pictures of climate change?

What was once called nature photography can now be dressed up with socially relevant stuff like climate change.  Is the climate really changing so fast you can see it in pictures over 16 years?  I don’t think so, but apparently the educational elites believe they can.  Cornell is hosting a photographer who captures climate change. Do you use really slow speed film?


6 responses to “Pictures of climate change?

  1. Climate change caused by the planets mutual influence of the planets and the sun, and not stupid imaginary factors that are infiltrated by those who want to enrich themselves at the expense of the naive who believe them and make it possible to enrich the very deceitfully, lies and inventing all sorts of causes, as it claims that it is CO2 that humans produce.

  2. There were even imaginary pictures of black holes published before today’s news from the galaxy confirmed:

    I. There are NO BLACK HOLES.



    II.'S_SCIENCE or

    • I posted this on ResearchGate so members of the US National Academy of Sciences can go there and reply in public to charges they betrayed the American public after WWII.

  3. Looking at those walrus photos on the beach, I can understand that some die because they crowd each other. But hey! there’s room enough on both sides of that mob.
    Maybe, like bees, they just like to cluster. In which case they got it coming.

  4. I have thousands of photographs. If we’re looking at climate change, there are the pictures of 10 feet of snow, sweaters worn in July, etc. Is that the kind of pictures they are looking for?

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