Casual correlations of CO2 to sea level rise

Two articles on increasing atmospheric CO2 and relating it by suggestion to sea level rise.  The University of Hawaii Marine Science chair tells an audience that CO2 is going up and sea levels are rising.  The tone of the article in the Hawaii Tribune makes it sound as though that SLR is something recent.  “Typically, climate scientists speak in terms of predictions for the next 50 or 100 years. But many predicted changes have already come to pass, including rises in average sea level.”  So, I suppose that until recently sea levels were static at the Big Island.  Also, the article mentions that in 2013 the atmospheric CO2 was 400 ppm and now it’s 396.99 ppm.  I seem to remember when each 0.1 ppm increase came with a call of doom.  Not so much mention with the 3 ppm “decrease.”

At the same time we have an article on radiodating corals which says that 18,000-11,000 years ago a sudden 80 ppm increase in CO2 was accompanied by a 120 meter sea level rise.  Whether this was concurrent or one preceded the other is not mentioned.

It looks like all you need is to follow the party line on CO2 and sea level without doing anything in the way of ferreting out correlations or cause and effect. Doing  something scientific like that must be denying settled science which cannot be questioned and everyone just knows.


5 responses to “Casual correlations of CO2 to sea level rise

  1. I had a real hard time making sense of that last sentence.

  2. The prospect of sea level rise is very frightening, that is why they always play on it. They deliberately ignore the facts.

  3. The central valley of California used to be an inland sea. If I remember correctly, NOVA had a program on people who apparently found the route taken in Homer’s The Odyssey. It was estimated that, at the time, the sea level was considerably higher than now.

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