Pope in warming bed with atheists, commies, scienctific whack jobs and leftist propagandists

Here’s the red pope’s advisory council on climate, with bios–a rogue’s gallery of fanatic leftists.

Of course pope Karl the First is comfortable with his running dog pack–being a commie hissownself.

He has sold his puny little soul to the commies and kisses up to our big commie–shame on hin for his jesuitical arrogance. His is the Catholic Quisling, rushing here and there to prove his allegiance to socialism.

Pretty pathetic man indeed, but what do you expect–he comes from Argentina, one of the failed states of the 20th century that had such promise until the Peronista communism descended and its successor socialist regimes. Such a waste of good people and resources on the altar of leftist utopianism bound to fail.

Liberation Theology, that spawned this despicable pseudo clergyman, is the gateway to statist secular socialist tyranny. red popey would trample on humans for the purpose of creating a collectivist prison world as long as he gets a place on the planning committee–that’s why he is cranking up his prostitution and lobbying efforts.

Note this pope didn’t pray in front of the congress, and in his address to congress he never mentioned the God he pretends to serve, but he does sound like a dedicated commie cell leader, lecturing on social and scientific issues like a veteran ivy league academic jackass. Lenin would give him good marks, so too Alinsky and Noam Chomsky. He really does hate capitalism and free markets, but more important individual liberty AND HE HATES AMERICA, A SIGN OF HIS FANATICISM GIVEN THE IMPORTANCE OF AMERICAN CATHOLICS TO HIS SORT OF RUN DOWN CHURCH.

A dedicated tyrant, Karl I probably only regrets he didn’t get more land and people to rule himself since has such a surfeit of self esteem, like most jesuits. But he rides in a Fiat and lives in a lesser apartment, you say, and he talk a game of being for the little guy. And I say Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pal Pot all claimed to be for the downtrodden and in favor of “social justice” like all the other demagogues and despots of history, including other Commie tyrants who claimed to be men of the people, think Castro and Chavez. Don’t we call those kind of people poseurs, phonies, tricksters, dissemblers, mendacious evildoers?



2 responses to “Pope in warming bed with atheists, commies, scienctific whack jobs and leftist propagandists

  1. If the pope is concerned about the health of the planet then stop the Geo-engineering of the planet. It is killing life on earth.

  2. mikesheavymetalstudio

    If the pope is concerned about the planet then tell them to stop the geo-engineering. It is killing all life on this plant.

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