I don’t take vitamins or supplements, but I smoke cigars–does that count?

Moderation in all things, I say, and cigars are in the vegetable section of the food pyramid, right? I have never ever in my now almost 70 years, taken a vitamin–just couldn’t imagine that American food was inadequate to sustain me.

However food and health obsessed people just have to be doing something–anything to assure their immortality (that’s really the goal).

The only thing immortal in America is a government agency–Ronald Reagan taught me that.

Here’s a little memo to the anxious about supplemental vitamins.

Note that the water-soluble ones just go through if you take extra and realize the daily requirements are guesstimates–we don’t see vitamin deficiencies in medicine except for special circumstances, like food fetishists, or the deprived or people with alcoholism or absorption problems. One exception is Vitamin K for newborns, to reduce bleeding tendencies until they can make their own with bowel flora changes.


Regular people eating balanced diets are safe from scurvy and rickets and other vitamin deficiency conditions. Look at the pics in the link below, and you will see the ravages of vitamin deficiency–protein deficiency (Kwashiorkor) makes for the big bellied little kids of the third world. Vitamin A is the new GM add to make Golden Rice, but the enviros, including Greenpeace, object because it is GM. Golden Rice fixes the problem of a very restricted, Vit A deficient, rice diet.


Recently there has a been a big noise about Vit D benefits–but I suspect that it might be hopefulness like many of the things that are sold by the multibillion dollar health food biz.

Incidentally Vit C and E have had their day in the spotlight, but the light faded. Not what they were cracked up to be. Remember the placebo nocebo effect. I get my placebo effect from a hand rolled puro and maybe coffee or an adult beverage on the side, in moderation, of course, so I can live forever.

What I hope people might consider as they strive to live forever, is that they could end up surviving to suffer dementia, so far unpredictable, incurable, and the scourge of the elderly. I know some lucky people in their 90s, and so far luck appears to be the key.


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