Allen Brooks points out something important on this myth about fracking causing quakes

Allen Brooks often provides insightful comments here at JS.

His comment:

Something the anti-frackers conveniently ignore is that fracking has been used extensively since 1947 with no major disasters. Something else they deliberately forget is the underground nuclear tests, ( a bit more powerful than fracking) that were conducted for 35 years, 835 detonations that left the proving ground looking like an overturned egg carton. But as extreme as they were, never caused a quake or any other natural disaster.

I try to put it another way–dirt as measured in cubic miles gets pretty heavy–how does a man made pressure create a tectonic force–ain’t sensible to think so–but the claims are made to scare the ignornat, like the politicians who propose fracking bans in places like Denton Texas or in Colorado or New Mexico.


7 responses to “Allen Brooks points out something important on this myth about fracking causing quakes

  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    The problem for the catastropharians is if they push the fracking-causes-earthquakes thing they shoot themselves in both feet.

    That is because they like geothermal energy and carbon sequestration, both of which would cause much more geologic movement. So by opposing fracking they also kill off these two technologies too.

    But then Greens are never the sort of people who know what logic is.

  2. “Are there ANY scientists left who are NOT ideologues of the Right or Left?” ask many of us scientifically-literate “laymen” who are saddened and bewildered today, and not only about “climate change” !!!
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455

  3. Wouldn’t having many small tremors, be better than having no tremors until a sizable earthquake occurs?

    • Exactly! If fracking (or anything else) could be made to trigger earthquakes, we might be able to eliminate of major ones. Just think, instead of hump day on Wednesday, we could have a minor quake at noon each week. Of course, it’d be so small, no one would even notice.

  4. Pete,

    Makes intuitive sense, but I understand that it hasn’t been confirmed and doesn’t play out well in the real world.

    Small premonitory tremors are sometimes just that, the beginning of bad news.

    Small shifts are better than big shifts, but small shifts don’t prevent big shifts and whatever mitigation they produce would be unpredictable and variable.

    Big shifts are another beast and some work has been done on whether small quakes reduce the chance of large quakes but not much positive came of it, as I understand it.

    Maybe some of our quake experts could enlighten.

  5. FYI. A short list of the worst earthquakes in recent US history and dates.
    1. New Madras fault. (Ohio Valley) Worst earthquakes in US. Lasted for 10 years, worst was 1811 & 1812 130 years before fracking.
    2. San Francisco quake. 1906 31 years before fracking.
    3.W. Yellowstone quake 1959. Over 800 miles from underground nuclear tests and no oil exploration close.
    4. Alaska quake 1964 prior to N slope oil exploration. No Nukes in thousands of miles.
    Recent seismic activity has been very mild.

  6. A few nuke tests under the Bay Area should relieve tension on the San Andreas fault.

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