William Briggs talks the contradictions of the Hottest Year(month, day, whatever) v The Pause

Briggs makes sense, and makes it fun to read his sense.

Years ago I told Roy Spencer he would save our bacon because they couldn’t steal or vandalize his satellite info.

He knew it too, I know he did.

NOAA and NASA have to hate him and Christy–all the cheating in the world, and they get whipped by some iron in the sky. I know it’s not iron, but in war we talk iron.

Biggest thing is the satellites are everywhere and immune from the urban heat island thing. They provide much better coverage 24/7 pole to pole than anything that surface monitors can do.

The only advantage to surface monitors is the opportunity to cheat.

Here’s Briggs, statistician to the stars is his billing, as I recall. He likes to focus on climate predictions and modeling.



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