Charles Battig on carbon sequestration nonsense in the WSJ

My colleague and Engineer/Anesthesiologist responds to some more drivel from the lefty green climate panickers.


September 5, 2015
• Opinion
• Letters
Powering Up for the Future in a Climate of Uncertainty
Paul Bledsoe’s letter demonstrates his skills as political propagandist and environmental activist. Devoid of a single credible reference, his letter purports to solve the fact of eternal climate change. His letter speaks of authoritative dogma, not scientific argument.
“Capturing carbon dioxide” isn’t the answer. The Energy Department pulled support in February for FutureGen Industrial Alliance Inc., a public-private partnership to build a coal plant that would store its CO2 emissions. A similar project in Kemper County, Miss., is now projected to cost almost $5.6 billion, not the estimated $2.4 billion. Such plants require a secondary power-generation source to supply the approximate 40% additional energy to drive the CO2 compression and burial scheme.
The false threat of climate change caused by the use of fossil-fueled power plants and CO2 release is documented by the current 18-plus-year lack of change in the global temperature record as provided by NASA satellites, even as atmospheric CO2 has increased over 10%. It is now over 10 years since a Category 3 or higher hurricane has hit the U.S. mainland. Two cycles of declining sunspot activity suggest a cooling trend. The droughts in the West are well-known to be cyclical.
The true disaster for the Paris climate meeting is the lack of credible evidence for supporting the climate scare story.
Charles G. Battig
Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment
Charlottesville, Va.


One response to “Charles Battig on carbon sequestration nonsense in the WSJ

  1. Climate change is dependent solely on the mutual influence of the planets and the sun, but in a way that science is not able to understand. CO2, the alleged culprit for these changes, represents the contamination of our consciousness and this is a political ploy which some want to fill the pockets of myself ignorance broad masses.

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