Cryonics scam

Freezing the brain–excellent idea. Not.

We went through this before–animation is a mysterious thing, but reanimation ain’t happenin’.

Chop off your head, put it in a freezer–wait for neuroscience to achieve mastery of the brain. That’s a lot of hopin’.

Remember the battle over Ted William’s dead body?


3 responses to “Cryonics scam

  1. I can state on good authority that no one has gotten rich off of cryonics. For the past 24 years I have worked for an Arizona businessman named David Pizer. In the 1990’s Mr. Pizer served without compensation on Alcor’s board of directors and for a time as Alcor’s vice president. He did so at the expense of working at his own businesses instead.

    BTW, neuroscientist Ken Hayworth with the Brain Preservation Foundation, mentioned in the New York Times story, addresses some of points in the Technology Review article here:

  2. Aww man you mean no zombies for target practice? Better go buy some more targets!

  3. I thought freezing the brain was part of the swearing in ceremonies of new politicians.

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