“Shaken Baby Syndrome” is finally getting the slapdown it deserves

Note that this refers to the _very questionable_ marginal cases which have had junk science behind criminal charges and convictions.
[NY Times]
Shaken baby syndrome has been a recognized diagnosis for several decades, though many medical professionals now prefer the term abusive head trauma. It is defined by a constellation of symptoms known as the triad: brain swelling, bleeding on the surface of the brain and bleeding behind the eyes. For years, those three symptoms by themselves were uniformly accepted as evidence that a crime had been committed, even in the absence of bruises, broken bones or other signs of abuse. While many doctors, maybe most, still swear by the diagnosis, a growing number have lost faith. Not that they doubt that some babies have been abused. But these skeptics assert that factors other than shaking, and having nothing to do with criminal behavior, may sometimes explain the triad.
rest: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/14/us/shaken-baby-syndrome-a-diagnosis-that-divides-the-medical-world.html


One response to ““Shaken Baby Syndrome” is finally getting the slapdown it deserves

  1. For decades now they have searched frantically under every sagebrush for a “baby shaker”. It cooled down in our area after a boyfriend, that only had the baby for a few minutes before the symptoms developed and the baby was rushed to the hospital, was charged with the infant’s death. The jury found him innocent because he was not around the baby long enough to cause the injury. The frantic search for “baby shakers” dropped out of the news immediately.

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