Senator Tom Coburn on medical research, cancer research

Dr. Coburn argues that more research funding will produce more cures of terrible diseases, and he calls attention to his survival of 3 cancers.

I would say he is overly optimistic in some ways–big research is often not the equivalent of good and productive research.


5 responses to “Senator Tom Coburn on medical research, cancer research

  1. John, you are far to kind to Dr. Coburn who reveals himself here to be a blithering idiot.

  2. The only way that governments and government officials have for being able to believe themselves relevant and even needed is to throw money at problems. Even then, If they are to be convincing to themselves then they must be willing and able to ignore that the effects on the nation’s society and the nation’s economy that is caused by government generated cost feed-back loops that result from the ‘thrown’ money is by far the largest cause of problems with which they believe they must deal in order to seem needed and relevant.

    Governments have proven that the laws of physics do not entirely prohibit perpetual motion that generates a negative output. Right up to the point where the whole thing falls down with a big ‘splat.’

    If a nation has a written constitution and written laws and if that nation’s governments ignore or flaunt The Constitution and the laws then the condition that exists in that nation is state anarchy. Death is at the nation’s door.

  3. @john1282
    Ernest is right. Coburn’s essay reflects the fact that he has no concept of how corrupt and useless the FDA really is. You would have about as much success reforming the FDA as in reforming a whorehouse.

    Consider but one current example: The mess regarding ERCP scopes:

    A college freshman could devise a study to determine the best method of processing these devices, to assure maximum safety. Despite deaths and saber-rattling, the FDA has not even spoken of doing such a thing. An absolute travesty.

    More than that, clinical trials are a disgrace, and more than half the research funded by the NIH is nothing more than academic welfare. If that weren’t bad enough, far too many of the “expert” recommendations by various federally-charged committees reflect nothing more than PC-abetted junk science. (low salt is a great example)

    I am *still* reeling from the bizarre discussions I have had with with several of these (mostly Ivy brat) academic doctors. At times, I thought these guys were joking, since what they were saying was so stupid…only, they weren’t.

  4. I have listened to a medical research recent PhD. relative expound on how starved they all are for money *AND* that there is no way to tell what research can be useful. The only way to be sure that necessary research gets done is to fund it all? The guy is very intelligent, yet profoundly, unheedingly stupid. Or is it the rest of us that pay for it that he thinks are that stupid?

    • @Coach–
      Not sure that he thinks you’re stupid. The problem is that he drinks the Kool-Aid. Well over half of the funded research is pure garbage, that has no hope EVER of leading to anything practical.

      But…you have all those labs, in all those universities, with all those students, and all those professors, and all those journals. Meanwhile, we tell people to go low salt, and have no recommendations on how to clean a freaking endoscope.

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