Hank Campbell on “allternative medicine” and Naturopaths

Naturopaths are really quacky, and Hank’s essay here is fine, except Hank is very sadly mistaken about osteopaths–I think he meant chiropracters. I teach osteopaths and they are allopathic with an emphasis on physical medicine techniques for musculo skeletal conditions.

There is no quack in osteopaths, however plenty of quack in chiros when they get outside of manipulation and physical therapy techniques, since they have a theory of things that is unscientific and mystical.

At the very crazy end of the “alternative” spectrum are naturopaths, no better than voodoo and placebo effect charlatans.



One response to “Hank Campbell on “allternative medicine” and Naturopaths

  1. There is no way that I would trust any of them, including osteopaths. I do believe you that osteopaths know more but I will not go near any of them.

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