Chipotle takes a tumble after going anti GMO–too bad

I shed these crocodile tears knowing the little twerps did it to be cool and appeal to the neurotic “natural only” elements of the society.

As for the safety of the “natural” foods, think only about how organic farmers fertilize and handle their crops–modern food production is focused on safety, but organic, man is about good intentions and loving natural–like a little more primitive and devolved approaches.

There is a reason for sanitation, now, isn’t there? Course these “natural” sources could be made safe with radiation, but that’s nukes and “natural” people don’t like nuclear anything, it’s not natural.

Of course, what could be more natural than getting energy from an atom, so maybe its about being antagonistic to modern things?

I have traveled to Mexico on more than one occasion and been told to be careful about the food, even did prophylactic antibiotics. Wanna guess where the cucumbers came from or other produce that was found to be contaminated? Food production must always include consideration of hygiene.


7 responses to “Chipotle takes a tumble after going anti GMO–too bad

  1. I do not share your full confidence in GMO foods, but I encourage you to consider following Professor Curry in becoming active in the Heterodox Academy:

  2. Chipotle took a tumble? Really?
    They went public 2/1/06 at $45.00. They have traded as high as on $758.61 on 7/1/15. Right now they’re trading at $727.96. They’re 4% off their high.

    • Did you read the link? This isn’t about stock price. Chipotle is now facing a class action lawsuit claiming their non-GMO is false advertising and an accusation that they were the source of a food poisoning outbreak. Their stock price won’t be affected until some point down the road, like if the class action is allowed to go forward or they settle/lose it. The more interesting aspect is that by going “no GMO” they opened themselves up to lawsuits from the “no GMO” crowd.

  3. I do not patronize companies that pander to foodists and environmentalists.

    If it says Organic on the label it stays on the shelf. In this case I wish there was a Chipotle in my neighbourhood so I could avoid going there. 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more:;;organic food is a huge scam, an excuse for charging premium prices for inferior products. And, excuse me, GMO? Everything we eat is GMO. Your dog is GMO. It makes no difference whether the modification was accomplished over multiple generations via selective breeding, or in one generation by gene splicing. If you end up with a viable organism, you’re good to go. Yay for Golden Rice!

  4. Organic is another word for grown in pig shit.

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