Oliver Sachs, the mysteries of the human brain, human existence

Sachs was a neurologist and great thinker/writer. He wrote about his experiences as a neurologist. Fascinating books, fascinating man.

His work reminds me of Theodore Dalrymple–lucid, erudite, insightful, observant.

He died recently and I saw this nice discussion today. Died at 82, we were lucky to have him around. Another example of the contributions of Brits to culture and the arts, but also just empirical thoughtful writing and scholarship.



3 responses to “Oliver Sachs, the mysteries of the human brain, human existence

  1. Oliver Sachs was also a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation – an organization dedicated to eliminating religious views from the marketplace of ideas. In that capacity, Sachs contributed to tyranny and was an opponent of Constitutional rights.

    • That is most distressing to hear, since I never got th impression he was anything but a humanist. Fanatic atheism is symptomatic of megalomania–and maybe he had a charming form of man is god attitude. He ought to have known from his studies of humans that we certainly are imperfect gods, if that.

      People of science and scholarship are susceptible to their own grand opinion of themselves, aren’t they?

    • HUmility is the essence of real greatness, which is why I do believe the stoics had it right.

      Nothing can substitute for humility and a desire to be virtuous.

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