200 feet SLR propaganda echoes

The propaganda echos from burning all the fossil fuels continues with the California coast going under.  Newsweek covers Google Maps going with the 200′ sea level rise scare.  So, we have the Southern California coast just like it is now without change in 3015 other than an additional 200 feet of water.  And how many folks do we have who will read this, stroke their chins and say “Oh, yeah, we really need to worry about this?”

The Guardian, not to be outdone, cites burning all the fossil fuels, melting the entire Antarctic ice sheet, but only gets 40-50 meter sea level rise in the next 1,000 years.

For a point of reference there is a diatomite (diatomaceous earth) mine in Lompoc, CA, elevation 300-400′.  So, the seas have been a bit higher.

(Edit)  I should have read farther:  Climate Central tells us we will have submerged cities; NPR tells us what the world will look like if this happens and The Carbon Brief tells us to keep coal, gas and oil in the ground.  After all, we have a study by climate scientists who must have taken holy orders and have the true word so this is science that cannot be questioned.

And they tell me that if I question any of this junk I’m a science denier.  There is absolutely no science to deny in this stuff.


4 responses to “200 feet SLR propaganda echoes

  1. Conjecture is not defensible.

  2. Oh but don’t you realize that forest fires do not produce any CO2 or contribute to poor air quality, because they are “natural”. They are “wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!” sarc

  3. Considering the drivel that emanates from the California coast, I should think that losing it would be, for most people, akin to having the septic tank pumped out. Do you feel a sense of loss? Was there some shit you wanted to keep? Didn’t think so…

    • Don’t write us off. We’re the only state in the Union that elected Ronald Reagan … four times.

      Even now, leftists have a majority, but there are still about fifteen million conservatives here. More than the entire population of most states.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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