Another nanny move in NY on salt intake

I would suggest you consider that the salt nannies are chasing a myth.

The healthy amount of salt intake is higher than the recommended levels from the gov. No way is the moochelle recommended 1500 mg daily correct, it is nutritional deprivation.

But, we must recognize that nannies must have something to obsess and lecture about, and the dietitians need to have their rules.

Also, except for those with kidney disease that prevents salt excretion or congestive heart failure that gets worse without salt restriction, everybody else handles salt by excreting what isn’t needed. archive on salt:


7 responses to “Another nanny move in NY on salt intake

  1. Thanks for speaking the truth boldly.

  2. I’m all for reducing my salt intake, mostly because I can’t stand the taste of overly salty things (and most packaged foods ARE overly salty, as is most of the stuff served in most restaurants).
    But I’m dead against government imposed limits, not just on salt but pretty much anything at all. It’s not some bureaucrat’s or politician’s task to tell me how to live my life (though ever more they have made that their task, sadly).

  3. Low-sodium products taste fresher…when they *are* fresh. Unfortunately they don’t keep as long. I’ve found some nasty surprises in cans of unsalted or low-salt food.

  4. priscilla, surely you know that salt has long been a preservative, as an example meats.

  5. I think most people like the amount of salt that they need. I e that your body sends your tastebuds signals. I like ny food salty, more so than most people, but when my blood level of salt was measured it was low normal. I tend to have sweat so salty it makes my eyes sting. Maybe my craving for salt is natural

  6. How many times do we have to rediscover the wheel? The physiology of salt and water balance is one of the most completely worked out chemical feedback systems in all of biology. Excessive salt intake has never been shown to cause disease and limiting its intake has never been shown to ameliorate a disease to any significant extent (and, yes, that is also true for hypertension). People with normal kidney function can live out their entire lives without ever having to think about the salt in their diet. Yet many who should know better continue to push the anti-salt agenda. They are either complete ignoramuses or they are cynically exploiting the salt “bogeyman” in order to further some other agenda.

  7. Once again, ACSH is promoting “healthy” levels of a dietary component (even quoting CSPI as a source!) while there is no credible science to show that salt (or sugar or any other food) causes chronic diseases or obesity.

    Could we please not turn into a public messenger for ACSH? There are original papers with research and science and quality scientific commentary that better serve this website.

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