A physicist who is a self declared public intellectual

Physicists know lots of stuff, but suffer sometimes from megalomania.

Here’s an example.

Kevin Williamson, one of my favorite writers for National Review discusses.



5 responses to “A physicist who is a self declared public intellectual

  1. Arrogance is blinding. After WWII Stalin inflated the egos of physicists like this and used them as his puppets to rule the world by deceit:


    • Please allow me to personally invite Dr. Kevin Lawrence to go to, and to address publicly at ReseachGate the precise experimental data that show the pulsar-centered Sun made and sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system and is powered by neutron repulsion.

  2. Oh dear….

    1. National Review is a useless RINO rag, even if Williamson can be good.

    2. The prof is question is just some atheist dipshit with bad skin, who is probably still mad that he couldn’t get any chicks when he was a student.

    • Stalin convinced physicists they were brilliant. In fact, they are as brilliant as the Emperor who purchased a new suit made of cloth that only the stupid couldn’t see.

      Lavoisier had discovered hydrogen as the invisible gas released when zinc is put into sulfuric acid. The same gas is released from ordinary stars like the Sun in the solar wind.

      But in 1946 mainstream astronomers unanimously agreed the Sun is made of hydrogen and consumes hydrogen by fusion.

      The empirical fact is that hydrogen is a waste product that all stars. They make and discard, just like the Sun.

  3. If Dr. Kevin Lawrence is NOT member of ResearchGate, he can read here a synopsis of what an ass Stalin made of the physics community after WWII:


    Does Dr. Kevin Lawrence have the integrity to publicly admit and/or deny that nuclear and solar physics were falsified immediately after WWII?

    If a pompous bag of wind, he will not reply to this challenge.

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