Some social science that reveals a big cancer on our society

The advanced Western Societies are becoming the welfare state haven for people of the failed countries of the world. Unfortunately that is a form of suicide for America and Europe, the social democrat state is attractive to the needy and people looking for a handout.

What most people don’t understand about the Trump phenomenon is that his criticism of our immigration policies is rightfully directed at not jut illegals, but he could and should expand his advocacy to the modifying the old Kennedy Immigration Bill formulae for quotas that have kept out contributors in favor of non achievers who will not contributing and prone to assimilate. America has been successful as a melting pot, not a mosaic that is burdened with multiculturalism nonsense.

Adios America by Ann Coulter documents the cultural clash and the unavoidable problems of our immigration policies that put the poor and unsuccessful on the front of the line, favored over European applicants.

Coulter’s book, extremely well referenced on the cultural problems, is the authoritative source of information on the nature of the problem. We are importing people by asylum or legal immigration policies who are poison to our society in ways more than just a welfare burden. They also bring cultures that are not compatible with American mores and traditions. For example their sexual proclivities and norms are misogynist and morally repugnant to advanced Western norms.

Ann Coulter documents all the reasons why current immigration policies, on illegals and legals are detrimental to America and the politicians and oligarchs ignore the evidence.


One response to “Some social science that reveals a big cancer on our society

  1. Immigration without Assimilation is a formula for Disaster.*

    I’ve said (and written it) a million times elsewhere. And now I’m saying it again.

    Just a thought.


    *OK, so there’s some give and take there. But the reality is that if all the Illegals were from, say, France and Germany (and Brazil and Argentina), very few people would complain. Pretty much similar cultures, and we’d all benefit from a sudden abundance of great restaurants and first rate mechanics. But mostly that’s not the case, which is why you’re seeing the clash of cultures and immigration backlash in places such as Southern California. (Or even Charlotte, NC, where MS-13 gang violence seems to be ramping up lately.)

    Of course it’s easy to fix. Shut off the H1-B and foreign contractor corporate welfare for the big boys. And shut off the goodies for everybody else. And that’s where The Bird Feeder Analogy comes in:

    Of course that’s only part of the puzzle. There’s also trade and industrial policy, taxation, ill-considered foreign adventurism, bureaucratic overreach, tort policy…hell, ya’ got a couple of hours?

    And despite the ophraization of public discourse with it’s attendant (over-determined) images of, say, drowned babies on beaches, change, a Great Reset, going to have to happen. The real question is how: via peaceful political change or violent revolution/civil war. The former, obviously, would be much preferred to the latter.

    I like reading history, but I don’t want to live it.

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