Calling Algore–calling warmer scaremongers–look at the cyclonic energy levels

This is actually quite remarkable.

If Carbon dioxide caused warming and warming caused more cyclonic activity–the evidence would support the goofballs.

However, the evidence is that they are wrong–will they excuse themselves or make excuses for theemselves?


One response to “Calling Algore–calling warmer scaremongers–look at the cyclonic energy levels

  1. Any day now, the warmists will remind us that their theories actually predicted that the poles would warm more than the tropics,… meaning the intensity of the Hadley circulation that drives the formation of most tropical storms and large-scale weather systems should actually have been expected to diminish… meaning that as long as the awful man-made warming continues, we should actually continue to see weather patterns trending toward the less severe, on average… meaning the warmists were actually RIGHT about the warming all along (just not the effect it would have, hehe, you know that science thing, pretty difficult, no one expects perfection, hehe, amiright?)… meaning that this lack of severe weather world-wide is depriving us of needed rainfall in parched desert areas like Los Angeles where the poor & starving will have even less access to their typical lower-middle class diet of overpriced, organic, locally-grown almost farm-fresh arugula & almond salads topped w/bean sprouts & asparagus.

    Stop man-made global warming now, or our children may never get to see for themselves what the Hollywood C-listers used to have for lunch between glamour shots, hemorrhoid cream commercials and public service announcements…. /sarc

    But seriously. Wait for it. The “we told you so” is coming.

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