Shingles vax (zoster, varicella) works but doesn’t last

So this study attempts to parse out the benefits of the vaccine to prevent Herpes Zoster since the vaccine is only thought to be preventive for 10 years.

The rate of zoster (shingles) attacks is age effected, and so the study shows a greater economic benefit for the vaccine if administered to a person at age 60.

Since I had my two zoster attacks in my 50s, I would be biased.

The vaccine is good, but immunity peters out–maybe the vaccine followed by a booster 10 years later?

A high school classmate had a bad case recently.

Facial zoster can be particularly complicated if it effects the eye by setting up in the trigeminal nerve, nasociliary branch.

Zoster generally on other parts of the body is most troublesome if it causes a permanent painful herpetic neuralgia, an awful affliction to be sure..


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