An example of NIH research waste

We can’t make these things up, but when a budget of 30 billion for research is itching to be spent, inane research gets funded.

However the ACSH is really just scratching–it’s much worse. Michael Show says that looking at the lists of research projects funded by the NIH is enough to make one outraged.

My problem is the billlliiiooons to promote climate junk science or put up lies about the human effects of ambient air and water pollution.


6 responses to “An example of NIH research waste

  1. @john1282
    I agree with Michael Show. At least half of NIH funded projects are total garbage, and nothing more than academic welfare. Go ahead, look through this, if you can take it.

    It is high time that we change our strategy from discussing things generically to confronting these mountebanks BY NAME.

  2. That is sad.
    We are lead by fools.
    What does that make us?

  3. Nearly all clinical research grants are bogus, too, if one examines the premise and study design. Then, there’s the alternative medicine branch of the NIH. Let’s face it, we’d be a lot better off if government got out of most everything it has no business being in.

  4. If you went to a bank and applied for a business loan based on the types of claims and “facts” presented for NIH funding, you would go to jail.

    But since it is “scientific” research, you are somehow allowed to defraud at will?

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