Hank de Carbonel writes of CA new truck rules

I have been involved in the CA inanity on air pollution now for many years created by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the CA EPA that works as the cat’s-paw for the US EPA on pushing aggressive air regs.

Hank de Carbonel is a regular columnist for the Western States CA Trucking mag California Transportation. He is a concrete pumper by trade and an eloquent writer. ON occasion in th past, when I couldn’t appear at CA hearings in person, he presented my arguments against the latest anti business, industry and transportation insanity. He is a great public speaker and raconteur.

Diesel is the only fuel that works for heavy loads like construction equipment, road equipment and big trucks.

Gas engines can’t take the work load and the produce the torque. They have short lives doing heavy work.



2 responses to “Hank de Carbonel writes of CA new truck rules

  1. Terrific article, Hank

  2. My only question would be what would the output levels be for engines (diesel and/or gas) using newer materials to withstand the higher pressures. Diesel has what, 10-11% more potential energy than gasoline? That’s a big advantage there, but there are limits due to the pressures involved acting as a cap to diesel. While gasoline has been able to take alternative paths like aluminum blocks with sleeves and such, i’m not sure how far the tried & true diesel has been explored. Diesel is the superior fuel, but can it be made even more superior? Unfortunately, our politicians choosing winners i’m sure will have pictures of the dirty-smoke-stack diesel trucks as their poster-children ignoring all the dirty-tailpipe gas engines out there.

    Let me guess, they are probably thinking “trains use diesels & electric, so let’s have our long-haul trucks go electric!” while forgetting that trains, on fixed tracks, can have their electricity pumped to them as they run.

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