Rousseau’s noble savage?

Supposedly we can lean adaptation from indigenous people in adapting to climate change global warming.  National Geographic posts a one with nature article on what we can learn from indigenous people.   Learning From Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change

Revert to the simple, less complicated lifestyle?  With the decreased life expectancy?


5 responses to “Rousseau’s noble savage?

  1. What every hippie aspires to be: a rutting, killing, raping, mindless beast.

    “Noble” savage? Hardly.

  2. Michael Muldawer

    This article seems to me to border on a parody of what a politically correct, university brain-washed environmentalist would be spouting. All that was missing was a diatribe against capitalism.

  3. Once again the obvious is overlooked: the ‘tree’ of climate change blinds us to the ‘forest’ that is Civilization – it self a collective adaptation to *all* changes that threaten the individual and collective well-being of humanity.

  4. Rousseau made up the “noble savage” fiction – fantasy, really – from whole cloth, having only heard a few stories about peoples in the Americas and Africa. There was a great deal of fantasy masquerading as “science” or as they called it then “natural philosophy.” Psychology and anthropology still haven’t moved beyond those “natural philosophy” fantasies; as shown by the high number of studies with irreproducible results that are accepted as valid findings.

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