Is this another way for saying just send money?

Kiribati calls for the developed west to take actions for stopping the climate from changing? Maybe we can go back to virgin sacrifices.

Kiribati calls for strong statement from Pacific against climate change

This is about the Pacific Islands Development Forum which is calling for “strong statements.”  I bet it is more of a call to redistribute wealth by sending us money.

The use of is such a perversion of language is now people would have us believe we can actually control the climate.


6 responses to “Is this another way for saying just send money?

  1. Where are you going to get the virgins?

  2. In Kailua, Hawaii there used to be a large – 60-70 feet above grade – hill of coral rock that was systematically quarried until it was no longer there. So how did it get there in the first place? Coral doesn’t grow in the air.

    The answer is that it used to be underwater, but then it was pushed up somehow. And indeed it was, as any geologist will tell you. The entire Windward Basin used to be under the ocean but was pushed up, leaving hills of coral rock everywhere.

    I mention this because the same is true of all these atolls – *coral* atolls – that are supposedly going to be underwater any day now, namely that at one time they *were* underwater and then were pushed by geologic forces. They are in the Ring of Fire after all.

    Let’s assume for the moment that these various islands are indeed sinking back into the sea, that the research is correct and all that.. If they were the result of being pushed up by geologic forces, then doesn’t it stand to reason that those same geologic forces could cause them to subside?

    Geology, plate tectonics, vulcanism and all the rest are still imperfectly understood. What is beyond question is that geologic forces over time cause the landscape to change, some violently, but mostly, to our eyes, gradually. If the water level is rising in a certain spot, most likely the cause is the land mass is subsiding for some reason.

    Just a thought.


  3. VicB3 has it 100% – The inhabitants of these islands which struggle to exist economically rely for their continued existence on aid mainly from Australia and NZ. They are constantly trying everything in the book to get entrance into either Australia or NZ and many have succeeded. Imagine their joy when all of a sudden the idiot greens suggested that the sea level was rising and would swamp them and all the fault of those terrible Westerners burning fossil fuels so very obviously they should pay for the problems they have caused – as we have known for some time the problem is of sinking atolls rather than being submerged by rising seas – what is so annoying is that high flyers from the UN are constantly stirring the pot even though they are well aware of the true facts.

    • What’s truly mind boggling is that these same atolls are independent countries. And that means in turn that they are perfectly positioned to offer, and prosper mightily from, extremely private banking services, private and openhanded internet hosting, equatorial space launch services and anything else one might think of that is otherwise stifled by the mature bureaucracies of the supposedly more ‘developed’ nations.

      Imagine how an island nation might prosper if it offered highly confidential banking services and all without giving the least care as to the source of the funds. (Switzerland and the Cayman Islands have really dropped the ball here lately.) Or if it offered launch services minus, say, the FAA mandate creep that adds time and cost. How about non-intrusive internet spying or oppressive terms of use? (Tonga – .to – has already figured that out.)

      And these services are just off the top of one’s head. Who knows what might crop up that a small, responsive and independent entity might profitably offer. (Singapore anybody?)

      The point here is that they don’t need to beg for money at all. They’re perfectly poised to rake it in hand over fist. And if by chance their islands actually do sink, then no problems; they’ll have the cash on hand to easily build a bigger and better island directly on top of the old one.

      Just a thought.


    • If we had more economic freedom and a lot less leftism, these island nations could prosper from tourism as richer Americans spend more on vacations.
      Make us poor, make yourself poorer.

  4. The phrase “to take actions for stopping the climate from changing”, coming from Kiribati, reminds me of the story of King Canute. (The story is hundreds of years old. If you haven’t heard of it, blame your history teachers and go to Google.)

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