Feminists expand the definition of sexual assault to improve their grievance agenda

I agree with Rush that feminism is the home of angry women who are frequently unattractive and unsuccessful socially. Same thing is true for many who choose the lesbian lifestyle. Woops, the core of the radical feminazi movement is lesbians, I repeat myself.

You can count on Rutgers to produce politically correct junk research, can’t you?

So we have proof of male aggressiveness and disgusting behavior, microaggression alert. Buff up those sexual assault claims and another junk social study/criminology paper gets published.

One way to work and gin up the grievance agenda is to create an epidemic of sexual assault–for example silly claims like large numbers of college campus sexual assaults. That is accomplished by new definitions and this new political correctness thing–microaggressions. The sensitive female population is crying out–stop looking at us. Of course the feminists are not worth looking are they? Or if they were, their mean and angry attitude would cause one to turn away.



3 responses to “Feminists expand the definition of sexual assault to improve their grievance agenda

  1. What bothers me most about this is the apparent ease a false accuser has to put a man in jail for years on a trumped up charge to to destroy his life with false claims. I honestly do not know at this point if this is just a female thing and therefore no female can be trusted to be honest or if it is just some female psychopaths who do not represent all females. The problem is if it were just a few female psychopaths causing this problem you would think “normal” females would be fighting to get to the microphone to disavow the liars. But typically what we see is most females are fighting to get to the microphone to tell us that we must accept false charges without question because there could be a real rape/assault where the women would be afraid to speak up if she thinks her story will be doubted. Sounds like a self fulfilling prophecy to me.
    Between false rape charges and the gotcha mentality of the trend to punish guys who have consensual sex with younger women I question the entire “rape industry”.

  2. When will someone point out to these social aberrations whom we tolerate among us in a free society that the only alternative to this free society currently available is Shariah Law, where their lots would be far less comfortable, but mercifully brief?
    >gwtw: You refer to what I call the ‘guilt by accusation’ phenomenon promulgated by the sensationalists in the media and those whop exploit media sensation for personal gain (politicians, lawyers, activists, etc.) It matters little if people’s lives are destroyed by a false accusation, if one can use it to generate a grand cause célèbre and raise ratings/campaign contributions/fund donations.

  3. I was puzzled for a while why feminists pursue such nonsense as this while turning a blind eye to the horrors radical Islam perpetrates against women or saying nothing about the child sex slave trade in the US. Then it occurred to me. Evil loves evil. It admires it. It recognizes it and it identifies with it. If evil does not openly, verbally endorse other evil, it will silently condone it.

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