Doper alert–K2 is turning things

Every time i warn about the intrinsically bad nature of being stoned, the dopers who troll the internet point out really important things, like “well it’s not any worse than alcohol” or some other pat canard?

Well I know that alcoholics suffer from their abuse, but this synthetic marijuana thing is a problem.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were, for example, regular users of whatever, and it didn’t make them into pleasant, easy going dopers–did it?

Getting doped up can in fact be a facilitator of uninhibited anti social behavior.
Shut down the conscience and inhibitions–anything goes?

The recent DeBlasio decision to give the NYC streets back to the low life element will have its consequences.

I did my internship at Harlem Hospital at 135 and Lenox, 10 blocks away from the scene described in this essay. In that time (1971-72) heroin was the dope of serious consequences, PCP was coming on the scene as a startling new recreational item, Tim Leary (1920-1996) LSD, Hash, peyote, hallucinogen du jour was in vogue.

K2 is troubling–accessible, mixed with various potions, and brings a whole new meaning to getting stoned. It also hangs around.


One response to “Doper alert–K2 is turning things

  1. Many old farts like myself can tell you that it took a lot more pot to get stoned when we were kids than it does with today’s GMO pot.

    It’d like we drank 1% beer and kids today are downing shots of Everclear or lab grade pure ethanol.

    You don’t increase potency and dosage without changing the results and side effects.

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