Need your PM2.5 scare?

Then there is a really cute interactive graphic that compares ambient air PM2.5 concentrations to cigarette smoke.  Share My Air is a website that has a map of North America with cities circled. For each city you can get a reading of the last hour giving the cigarette equivalent of smoking X cigarettes a year or months living with a smoker.  You can also get today’s comparison to minutes in a car with a smoker.  How do they come up with this amazing piece of heretofore unknown science?  Well, they found this 2011 study that positively linked lung cancer to PM2.5 in cigarette smoke.  Then you mix a 1993  study measuring particulate exposure in 178 non-smokers without coming up with a lung cancer rate in those individuals.  You mix in a car air exchange study assuming no outside air and , et voila, you can figure out just how bad your air is in Washington, Detroit, Chicago or any other city on the list.

This is really scary stuff.  We know that PM2.5 in cigarette smoke cause cancer and now can forget the other 7,000 nasty chemicals in smoke. We can now recycle this knowledge into second hand smoke equivalents.  And since we have the word of that esteemed scientist, Lisa Jackson, that there is no safe level of PM2.5, this is really scary stuff.

The correlation between long term smoking and lung and/or heart disease seems to be pretty good. They weren’t called coffin nails for no reason.  The second hand smoke claims have been pretty well debunked and the ambient air PM2.5 claims have been thoroughly debunked.  So, we have another interactive-computer graphic gee whiz propaganda piece.


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