The poison pill that is Medicaid

Everybody notices the increase in premiums and the distortions created by bamstercare.

I have always emphasized that bamstercare was nothing more than a dressed up project to destroy the private marketplace for healthcare and health insurance, and create Medicaid on steroids. Medicare was even unacceptable to the socialists, too many places where it reminded them that a monolithic bureaucratic tyranny would be impossible with a bunch of oldsters and Medicare supplemental insurance and Part B. Too many moving parts.

So this essay is about the consequences of expanding medicaid.  Many years ago, (1966) two Columbia faculty members in sociology, commies by ideology, a married couple named Richard Cloward and Frances Piven proposed the way to bring down America (the goal of lefty socialists and democrats) is to overload the welfare demands so that the economic and social/political pressures cause a systemic failure of the free market capitalist system and make way for statist socialist collectivism. Kind of a reverse of the revolution predicted by Marx, instead a self-destruction energized by good intentions of silly capitalists running on guilt in front of socialist agitators and activists driving them to the cliff’s edge.

We are such suckers.


2 responses to “The poison pill that is Medicaid

  1. If an increasing number of things are being “provided” by an increasing number of governments to an increasing number of people in a nation then the odds of the collapse and failure of the nation will increase commensurately. Are we there yet?

    The costs of government that are associated with social programs don’t just magically go into a magic hole in the air in exchange for magic money to pay for the government “provided” benefits, the costs get dumped into the operating costs of the economic enterprises who are producing and selling the goods and services that governments are “providing” thus becoming embedded as a part of the prices that governments are paying to purchase the goods and services from the real providers of the goods and services. As a for instance, costs-of-governments make up greater than 60% of the prices that are being paid for medical treatment and healthcare services and products with the direct costs of the services being less than 40% of the prices that are being paid. There is a stark clue about a real solution for a really important problem in there somewhere. But it won’t be politicians and politics that provide the real solution.

  2. @john1282
    Yep, sonny…All this Commie crap was jump-started because the RINOs (1912 and 1916 versions) were able to lose to full-on scumbag Tommy Wilson. In fairness, Teddy Roosevelt and Charles Evans Hughes were only slightly less “progressive” than Tommy-boy.

    Any “conservative” who says he likes TR is a moron.

    Wilson campaigned on “keeping us out of WWI.”

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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