Salt fanatic fetishists at at again, demonstrating their orthorexia nervosa

Let me go over this one more time, the matter has been stirred up by the salt fanatics who just have to be telling people how to eat.

I will review the research and how it got so screwed up.

It is true that salt intake has to be monitored and limited in people who kidney disease and congestive heart failure.

Since it is right in the sweet spot for fetishists, they have promoted the idea that if limited salt intake is good for those two groups, it must generally good. They promoted the idea that excess salt intake caused hypertension–not true.

They cherry picked a couple of studies that showed that some groups of individuals studies with good blood pressures had very low salt intake, int eh range of 1.5 gm per day–but they ignored the world-wide studies that showed that the usual healthy population of the world had salt intakes around 2.5 to 3 gm per day.

The latest recommendations from the silly US agencies is a way too low 1.5 gm–that’s why mooochelle’s lunch program is so insipid, for example. However understand this, professional dietitians, who really don’t have very good science to work with, like to have rules–and in their obsessive compulsive world salt is an easy target–easy to scare people who may know someone who was on salt restriction for a medical condition. Lay people don’t realize that we are predominately an organism bathed in a salt solution. My first resuscitation fluid for someone who needs circulating volume is sodium chloride water with 145 milliequivalents of sodium chloride (NaCl). That’s salt.

This study that associates salt intake with obesity would have been easy to predict–anybody who eats too much who is normal will have a higher salt intake–and this is like a really stupid chicken egg thing.

Does a higher salt intake cause obesity or a higher food intake mean a higher salt intake? Huh?

Final thought–you eat too much salt–guess what, your kidneys are smart, they lose it. In fact the goofy water sippers are asking for trouble drinking too much water without electrolytes. Luckily he liver and kidneys can handle even orthorexia nervosa most of the time.


8 responses to “Salt fanatic fetishists at at again, demonstrating their orthorexia nervosa

  1. The ACSH article lost me on the first sentence.

  2. I think they have it totally backward. If I don’t get enough salt in a meal I stay hungry and tend to eat more. Sometimes much more.

    These studies worry me when they start out with a conclusion and fit data to it. They are killing way too many people with this insanity. And making it difficult for the rest of us to get proper nutrition.

  3. A few years ago I had to take chemo – for cancer – It resulted in a severely low sodium. I found out the hard way all the bodily functions which require sodium to function – because they all started shutting down one by one. Fortunately I made it to the emergency room before the damage was permanent. We never seem to see any reports of the real – and quick results of low sodium.

  4. @john1282
    This salt BS is getting as bad as the cholesterol meme–which just refuses to die.

    • And it is very old. Both of my grandmothers used to yank the salt shaker out of my hand, calling it the White Death. My revenge was to go to the nearby forest where I could lick lumps of rock salt that rangers left wedged in tree forks to support deer and moose. There was not a single salt lick within a 1000-km radius from where we lived.

      My grandmothers are long dead; I am a grandfather myself (thanks in part to at least 5g of daily White Death) but the meme is still alive and is used to brainwash little children from daycare on.

      By the way, does anybody here know what “salary” means?

  5. Scott Scarborough

    “I only eat salt for medical reasons. To keep my blood pressure from falling too low.” That’s what I tell the guys when we go out to lunch on Friday and put salt on my french fries. My blood pressure is always under 120/70.

  6. Reality Observer

    There are days that I really want to apply the precautionary principle of “no safe level,” and put plastic bags on the heads of all of these idiots. To protect them from toxic oxygen, you know.

  7. “Professional dietitians like to have rules”…….I have read that in USA professional dietitians are obliged to follow and promote the recommendations of their organization or they will be disbarred. No choice but to follow the standard line No option to promote their own interpretation of the literature .I dont remember where I read it. Might not be true.

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