Tesla is a bubble fraud and it will come apart–Musk is a creep says Kimball–I agree

I have a Tesla owner in my family–she thinks she is helping the environment and I wish her well.

Kimball takes a positive attitude as he talks the Tesla fraud and its “legendary” visionary owner. I would take the attitude of Holman Jenkins of the WSJ, who says Musk knows how to harvest taxpayer money.


Electric cars are not sensible–and they are limited. Tesla looks good though, so many CA people will buy them as a statement of their superior attitude about Momma Gaia.



9 responses to “Tesla is a bubble fraud and it will come apart–Musk is a creep says Kimball–I agree

  1. Electric cars are not the answer.

    Since 1543, reality has been viewed as a threat to hubris leaders of nations and religions.

    After 1945, modern science was guided by a propaganda artist that united nations and national academies of science worldwide on 24 Oct 1945 to form Orwellian Ministries of Consensus Science and Politically Correct ThoughtsJOSEPH STALIN:


    The unanswered question: Can society be returned to sanity (contact with reality) without undergoing a crash landing of our entire economic and social systems?

  2. For some folks, electric may make sense. Mild climate, not many hills, short commute, and being able to charge the batteries overnight. I do not own a Tesla and never will. Far too expensive for what it delivers. A fashion statement at best. PT Barnum would approve.

  3. Weird seeing someone from PJ Media not in total thrall of the great subsidy farmer.

  4. Pachamama scores another one. Wottahoot.

    Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother.

    Pachamama Alliance – San Francisco, CA – Environmental …
    https://www.facebook.com/PachamamaAlliance – Similarto Pachamama Alliance – San Francisco, CA – Environmental …
    Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco, CA. 116738 likes · 3874 talking about this · 272 were here. Building critical mass to bring forth a sustainable,…

  5. Who do not understand the science, and who is absolutely ignorant of everything that Tesla has left humanity, it is no wonder that such people should go back to the Stone Age, because nothing else and they do not understand and do not deserve.

    • Musk is taking advantage of junk science and economics–electric cars are inefficient and the net impact on air quality is negligible–they are totems for green nut cases like you, Nikola. Where do you think that electricity comes from–how much of a efficiency gap occurs when batteries are used? Gasoline, Nikola, is good energy efficient fuel. electric cars are for political agendas.

      As for private ventures to colonize other planets–Musk is just playing to an audience–the audience that thinks the human population is destroying the planet–and I disagree. Big Space projects are also totemic.

      Musk would have nothing if not for fanatic environmentalism. His car is pretty, but the basic concept is silly. A 56 chevy is a better car than the Tesla, more power, long life, no big expensive battery to blow up or become less and less efficient, maintenance will keep a 56 chevy going fo a long time more than the Tesla and with better performance.

      When a snotty Tesla own plugs in the grid has to supply the juice, there is no magic–and electricity stored in big inefficient batteries is electricity lost to the process.

      Tesla is an expensive statement to the world by comfortable elites–I care. Yes they care but their car is a pretty and iconic joke. Without he enviros and their fanaticism, Musk is thinking big thoughts and selling dreams, certainly not a captain of industry.

  6. Too many mock what many do not know what. Today’s electric car is not an invention of Nikola Tesla. He’s the one that destroyed his invention to him avoid idiots and used it for a variety of destruction. You do not seem to recognize the possibility of Tesla. His invention, which he himself destroyed, the entrance to the infinite content of energy obtained on the basis of the principle of perpetual motion, which is the foundation of all movement of infinite life and energy in the universe. It’s not nice to make fun of someone like Tesla, because thus showing what is your level of consciousness and awareness of the power of creation.

  7. The Laws of Thermodynamics determine the answer on perpetual motion. My goodness–mystical thinking.

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