I love a good diagnosis–food fetishist is clumsy, I prefer orthorexia nervosa

It’s easy to explain–a person, usually female or a feminized male, with an obsessive compulsive personality (OCPD), decides to live healthy and be a perfect example of a responsible liver (not the organ but the viva) and eater–but, as usual with OCPD, the real thrill is in the control freak experience and the feeling of superiority–no I can’t eat this–does it have ____ in it? An exaggerated version of the finicky eater who abuses waitresses about the food in a restaurant. Perfectionistic control jackass behavior and I hope there is a corner room with a lock in hell for them so they can all torture each other and compete for superiority.



2 responses to “I love a good diagnosis–food fetishist is clumsy, I prefer orthorexia nervosa

  1. John that is a bit harsh!! 🙂
    There is never a need to abuse a waitress if the kitchen staff get it wrong.

    Yes I am a finicky eater because I cannot eat tomato, cucumber, passionfruit, mayonnaise and raw egg. Those items make me vomit. The mayonnaise is a bit iffy because it could have been the chicken in the sandwich that made me vomit but that is a long story!!

    What it means is that I have to make sure that there is no tomato or cucumber in particular added to a meal. What a pain. It means discussing with the waiter or waitress the menu choices.

    What I really cannot stand is the vegan who feels so superior to the rest of us because of the food choices and add to that those who are pushing the paleo diet.

  2. We prefer to call it CDOP. That way the letters are in alphabetical order, like they should be.

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