Cass Sunstein is just another Harvard totalitarian–despicable

Sunstein is now a high flyin’ University Professor at Harvard after a stint in the administration of the beloved socialist leader, the bamster.

Recently he took on claims by other Harvard professors that the political system was rigged and prevented them getting their totalitarian way.

Sunstein assures them that hard work will eventually extinguish liberty and freedome, along with free markets and limited government by the consent of the governed.

I remind you that he wrote a book about his strategies to create a totalitarian leftist statist tyranny–it was titled Nudge and it furthered the Antonio Gramscian strategy of the commies, the march through the institutions of the West and the destruction of individual liberty, religion, the family, traditional mores and creation of the secular socialist statist hegemon.

Cass Sunstein is the spawn of marxist/leninist evil. But he is a big man at Harvard now that he went to DC and became a big success in advising on regulatory affairs. Isn’t that what smart Harvard and Yale guys do?


One response to “Cass Sunstein is just another Harvard totalitarian–despicable

  1. There is increasing evidence that our best academic institutions and most
    modern science are both controlled by followers of the propaganda artist that united nations and national academies of science worldwide on 24 Oct 1945 to form Orwellian Ministries of Consensus Science and Politically Correct ThoughtsJOSEPH STALIN:'S_SCIENCE

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