A stab at explaining why psych research is so junky

This essay covers some basics about scientific methodology–how to deal with multiple factors, how to reduce the experimental unknowns or confounders adn why psych research is particularly prone to cargo cultism. Optimism and intellectual passion are dangerous for research. The guy names the key, humility.

Writer does a pretty good job.

He ought to read his essay and then he will understand why psych is such a difficult area to do research, why complex systems are more difficult to model and predict, why much of scientific research is not reliable and can’t be replicated, not just psych and social sciences, but economics, climate, medical, human health.

He ought to think also that observational studies are unreliable as compared to Randomized Controlled research that provides more reliable results but it’s hard to do psych research as a randomized controlled thing.

Multivariate regression treatment of multiple causal factors is another important tool when the subject is complex and multifactorial.



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