More discussion of the problem of Autism

Recently I was introduced to a pediatrician who has a different and reportedly helpful approach to autism. He thinks there is an autoimmune aspect and shows spec images of the brain that indicate a structural problem that is a pattern.

I have offered to have him assert his point of view and approach to diagnosis and treatment that is reported to have success, here at JS.

Lord knows autism has caused a lot of consternation and is a terrible burden for families and the persons afflicted.


One response to “More discussion of the problem of Autism

  1. Yes autism is a burden for families who are afflicted. This is something that I find very interesting especially when it affects more boys than it does girls. I know one family where two boys have been diagnosed with autism but the girl is fine.

    Listening to my son’s partner, who has an autistic son, I have wondered whether autism is something that has developed in the womb, possibily from something like high blood pressure, or even sugar overloading where the mother has diabetes. I do not know how to express my thoughts here because I am not talking about taking in too much sugar but about high sugar levels due to issues with the pancreas. The person in this case has diabetes 1.

    The idea that it is an autoimmune disorder sounds like the doctor might be hitting the mark… but I will wait and see how this advances.

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