Greenland ice increases?

Important to understand in the cold polar zones, percip turns to snow–then to ice on the ground, so warming at lower latitudes, if it did occur would circulate more water vapor that would —–well you know.

That could easily cause more ice during a warming period. On the other hand if there isn’t warming, the normal rate of ice accumulation or other factors influencing ice formation are in play. Planes lost in the Greenland ice were discovered pretty far down in the ice–splain that.


One response to “Greenland ice increases?

  1. You’re right that snow accumulation is a very big factor in the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets. It’s the reason they can keep melting and calving ice at the edges, year after year, without much net loss of ice mass. The magnitude of ice accretion from snowfall on ice sheets was illustrated by the team which salvaged Glacier Girl from under 268 feet(!!) of accumulated ice, 50 years after she landed on the Greenland ice sheet.

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