Theodore Dalrymple provides some perspective on traumatic stress

I get really irritated to hear of the supposed terrible trauma that some have suffered to their permanent detriment.

Here’s some serious trauma and stress as described by the great psychiatrist/writer, Anthony Daniels of UK.

Paul McHugh has debunked the recovered memories nonsense.

The problem with recovered memories is that it provides an opportunity for the therapist to plant stuff or the patient to invent stuff.

Harvard psychologist Richard McNally says in his book about research on memories of trauma that trauma is remembered. Remembering Trauma is a report on his research that shows people have intrusive memories and suppression of memories and recovery of memories is often therapist generated as in the school of recovered memories of sexual abuse that was influential about 20 years ago and tore up a lot of families.

And, motivated by secondary gain and such, they do invent things.


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