Murdoch says too much money chasing too few options

He also says the enviros are disrupting economies.

He’s right, but what he doesn’t understand is that it’s their goal to bring down economies and reverse modern progress–and to hell with “developing” nations.

They want to install a socialist/enviro world tyranny.

They are members of the High Holy Church of Pantheism and want to create a Planet
Wildlife Park.


2 responses to “Murdoch says too much money chasing too few options

  1. The movement on “climate change” is controlled by the political party called the Green Party. They are active in Australia and they are trying to be active in the USA from what I understand. The Greens started in Germany which is no coincidence because the Green Party have a tendency to being Nazis in what they believe.

    To be honest I think that they are worse than the Nazis in their ideology. I am only talking ideology and am not referencing the things done by the Nazis in Germany. However, I do point out that they often make statements that could have come from a Nazi especially when they want to stifle our right to free speech, and the way that they want to control what we eat.

    John you are spot on because this movement wants to destroy our economy. They have a vision that the bird smashers that they have insisted upon spending millions on, will supply our electricity needs without regard to the fact that electricity cannot be stored. Here in Australia they are out to destroy an economy that is based upon the production of coal in the Hunter district. (Newcastle is approximately an hour from where I am presently living). As a result of the destructive policies that have been put in place there is concern about high youth unemployment. Who do they blame? The current government that is trying to create opportunities. They want to shut down the coal mining in the region.

    I know the same is happening in the USA with one group being extremely active in its efferts to shut down the coal industry and throwing hundreds of people out of work. This group have not provided answers for alternative employment.

    There is a lot more that I could say about the whole movement but I think you have said some of it in a very eloquent way.

  2. Hank de Carbonel

    Your instincts are correct, their history goes back further than the Fuhrer. They are Malthusian with adjustments.
    If you want to see their unbridled accomplishments come to California. The richest farmland in the world, rich in minerals and resources, estimated 3rd largest in oil reserves and once fine educational institutions.
    The land is fallow, minerals off limits as are resources. Education among the lowest in USA and University riddled with PC cancer and corruption. More people leave than enter, legally. This is their showcase. This is Progressivism.
    I could go on.

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