Federal Court halts the waters of the US scam by EPA

The EPA proposed to modify the Clean Water Act and redefine Waters of the US (WOTUS). 13 States sued to stop it. Judge puts a hold on.



2 responses to “Federal Court halts the waters of the US scam by EPA

  1. That may seem like a ray of hope, but government science is now corrupted to the point that nothing short of an unconditional surrender to reality will restore out troubled society to sanity.

    Society is now delusional (lost contact with reality) because frightened world leaders paid scientists to hide reality from the public after 1945.

    The movie – My Name Is Bill W – explains how Bill Wilson discovered the solution to delusional thinking in his own life in 1935:


    Humility is the way world leaders and government scientists can restore sanity to today’s troubled society – and that is an almost impossible challenge to hubris.

    This is the reality world leaders tried to hide from the public in 1945:



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