Commentary on the two new female Army Rangers

This is an essay that I think will give the reader who doubts pause.

I will have to reconsider my own reluctance to think female special ops is not sensible, given the detail this male Ranger gives to indicate the accomplishment was not a fake affirmative action one.

I know and have known special ops people who were extraordinary so I thought the physical demands would be too much for light skeleton less muscular females. However.

There is no success like success. These two new Rangers apparently earned their patch and it ain’t easy.


6 responses to “Commentary on the two new female Army Rangers

  1. gonewiththewind

    Maybe. There is a tendency to support your buddies and this kind of training makes you all buddies. Here it the problem in my opinion: If a woman is captured in combat her fellow soldiers will likely do stupid things to rescue her because she is a woman. It is natural, genetic, in a man’s DNA to protect women. So it is probable that women in combat will become a self-fullfilling prophecy of failures.
    Additionally women simply don’t have the upper body strength to hump 60-90 lb packs and much more physically challenging tasks. So who does it?
    A simple solution that “should” make those who advocate for women in combat happy would be to create all female combat crews. If they are up to the task, as good as men, no worries. If not it would soon become obvious. Our national defense is too important to sacrifice on the alter of political correctness. I think that is exactly what we are doing.

  2. There are a large number of genetic tendacies people overcome on a regular basis. Why not this one? I would note the women shaved their hair and are virtually indistinquishable from the male rangers.
    Most women do not have the upper body strength. That does not mean all women don’t.
    I have no problem with all female crews, except men might discover women are not the gentler sex after all. Women can be very violent, as seen in other areas. They are not the shy creatures of the 50’s.

  3. A couple of comments. I am an ’85 West Point grad (male), I know anyone can say anything here, but you can look me up in the Register of Graduates if you want. The word I received is that these ladies did hump that 60-90 pound, and every other physical requirement.

    My concern is not that they have cut the standards. All the indications are that they did not. And I can clearly see where women rangers could be useful, such as in countries where women are treated as objects (ie, most Islamic countries), and can only speak to women, when the Rangers are down range and out of easy support.

    My concern is their long term physical health. These days we see few men in ranger units whose bodies last into their 40’s. The physical demands on light infantry units simply wear out even the most fit bodies in comparitively few years. Rangers are in the top 10% of men in fitness, for women it is more like the top half of 1 percent. How long can those human bodies take the physical demands of a light infantry unit? I would be surprised if a woman in light infantry unit lasts much past 30 before the body simply breaks down with back, knee, hip, and ankle injuries like the men get by the time they turn 40 or so.

    But, this was a great accomplishment, and it was a joy to see how a group of 75 female USMA graduates representing all classes since women were admitted to West Point with the class of 1980 came together to cheer on two women whom they considered their sister.

    • That’s an interesting point. Time will tell if women can hold up physically to this kind of physical exertion over a period of time. Of course the only way to find out is to let them give a try.

  4. I’m very skeptical of this social experiment. The Russians used women in combat in WWII and they were some of the most decorated snipers, but they were in an all out battle to save their country. I don’t think we are quite there yet.

    • After we added women in noncombat roles, openly gay soldiers and declared global warming the greatest threat of our time, I’m not sure how much damage a couple of female Rangers can do.

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