Body temperature is not 98.6 F (37 C) I’m quittin’

I can’t even rely on body temp rules? And nobody told me?

Think of all the medical texts that have to be changed.

I have always looked skeptically at people who said–Oh, my temperature is different from most people’s.

The essay below shows that the research, now kinda old, showed an average temp of 98.2 not 98.6 in the population studied.

99.6 is the rectal temp, one degree Fahrenheit higher, skin is lower, under the tongue is supposed to be 98.6 F.

However your temp does vary with the circadian (hormonal) rhythms of the day.

Dogs run at 101-102 F. Horses less but they both run fevers when sick or overheated. So fever is the thing, normal temp may be as this report says–a little lower than we say it is.


3 responses to “Body temperature is not 98.6 F (37 C) I’m quittin’

  1. My “average” temperature (under the tongue) has always been 97.6. I just figured that I gave off more heat than normal (my wife agrees). If I have a temperature of 98.6, I have a fever. Even when measured in my ear, it is still below 98. That said, did the study state the Standard Deviation?

  2. Recently I have been a very sick lady. The whole thing started when I suddenly felt very hot, and then got extremely hot during the night which is not normal for me in winter. I had sufficient information about my body without using a thermometer to know that I had a fever.

    By rhw rimw I ended up in the emergency department of the local hospital (because I did have an emergency health issue) my temperature was back to normal. I continue to monitor my situation because I do in fact need an operation but that is a story for another day.

    The reason that I know my body so well is that my normal temperature is probably a little bit under 98.6 although that is normal for me. I do think that we all vary, but if someone’s temperature goes above 98.6 then there is definitely an issue that needs treatment.

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