A New York City surgeon tells the real toll of bamstercare

This is a sad but real assessment of the problem of centralized gov controlled medical care from the big city.

Here at Junk Science and before I was writing here, I have explained the Reagan was right when he said the socialized medicine was the end of America as a great social/political experiment in liberty and free markets.

Read this and weep. I have colleagues in the medical profession who were all in for universal care–they thought it would result in them getting paid for everything they did and no more charity care or no pays–but Bastiat taught us that there are unintended consequences for all government actions.

Hayek taught us about the Fatal Conceit of government oligarchs.


If you think this New York Doctor knows some stuff about the negatives of government controlled healthcare, and tells a compelling story, consider this JunkScience.com archive. After all I tried the Nixon version of Bamstercare overhaul that was put out in the 70s as the HMO Act as a Physician Executive of an HMO, 35 years ago. It was a learning experience about how government healthcare would be a disaster. Imagine my surprise to see the bamstercare is just a bad expansion of other bad ideas, and completion of the inanity and stupid of Hillarycare that was beaten back 25 years ago.

This go round the resistance was bought and paid for with promises of cronyism. Physician organizations, Insurance Industry, Hospital Associations and the Industry, Pharma, Medical Supply Makers. They were all promised a free lunch and an efficient well-funded healthcare system. What they got was bureaucratic incompetence and inefficiency. Predictable.



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