Mother Jones makes a pitch for irradiated food? Excellent

Irradiation of food to reduce bacterial content is a benign and effective way to make the food safer.

Unfortunately too many people don’t understand it doesn’t make the food scary radioactive, or change the flavor or content. Irradiation is just putting an Ionizing radiation beam on the food to kill bacteria.


9 responses to “Mother Jones makes a pitch for irradiated food? Excellent

  1. Weird to find something sensible in Mother Jones. I guess it’s like what they say about stopped clocks.

  2. Doesn’t a microwave oven irradiate food?

    • I am taking a chance, here, not being a physicist, but My understanding is that it is a different electromagnetic spectrum is involved. Microwaves are very short wave electromagnetic spectrum waves, that cause the target to be agitated at the molecular level, thus heat up.

      irradiation by ionizing energy is in a different range of the em spectrum and knocks the bugs out or whatever else is the target, by destroying the atoms. it is called ionizing because the mechanism of action is to knock off the electrons and disrupt the molecular and atomic structures and bonds. bacteria and living things are killed because they are sensitive at the level used, but the food is left without damage of any degree. john 1282

  3. i remember way back a scandal involving irradiating pastdue date raw chickens to sell them as fresh. Vaquely i remember that being the reason why Europe decided to limit it’s use.

    • Petrossa – I believe the issue with the pastdue chicken is that – although irradiating the food does indeed kill all living bacteria etc – any chemical toxins previously produced by said pathogens are still present and unaffected, and are still bad for the consumer.

  4. Geologist Down The Pub Sez

    So, let me see if I have this straight: If the food has not been irradiated and contains pathogens, it is Organic,and therefore Good For You, even though it makes you sick. But if the pathogens have been killed by radiation, it is Not Organic, and therefore Bad For You, even though it protects your health Whew! For a minute there I was confused.

  5. Shelf stable cartons of milk are to me the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  6. Some sixty years ago, or more, canned condensed milk, under the PET label proudly had on the label it was irradiated. Then, some foods might stay on grocery shelves longer, as there weren’t sell by dates on much food.
    Drank enough PET milk in those days. No problems from it.

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