Michael Walsh writes a book about the Frankfurt School, commies, and intolerant totalitarianism

As you my know, the Frankfurt School was a group of commies who left Germany, and moved to American Academia and became a terrible influence. Clarice Feldman reviews a book By Michael Walsh on the effect and the rise of intolerant political correctness. Walsh’s book is The Devil’s Pleasure Palace: The Cult of Critical Theory and the Subversion of the West.

Ever wonder why people who claim to be so tolerant could be so intolerant–this explains a lot.

Michael Walsh is a regular contributor on political matters as a columnist for PJ Media–I like him cause he poses for his pic at PJ with a really big, expensive cigar. Gotta love a man who smokes a good stogey.


Here is another essay on Michael’s book by Roger Kimball, editor at PJ Media who discussed the issues of commie influence in his book The Long March: How The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America (2000 Encounter Books) that is comparable only to the now famous book by Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind (1987 Simon and Schuster)



7 responses to “Michael Walsh writes a book about the Frankfurt School, commies, and intolerant totalitarianism

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where I need to develop a way to index your posts for future reference. Were I still wearing my old DME hat, I’d be trying to finagle some way to get you and a few other guys to comprise a faculty for a Saturday morning continuing medical education activity at the annual regional convention.

    • I use The Brain (from TheBrain.com) to keep track of people, organizations, topics, and web links and files related to all of that. I’ve been using this product since the 1990s, and have tens of thousands of entries connected in whatever way suits me. It works very well indeed.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  2. Correction: ‘The Long March: How The Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Buggered America and the rest of the West’
    Ever since I hit University in 1960 I have been smelling rats in all the post-modern relativist specious crap the trendies were spewing out……anyone who tells you something with a smirky smile is spreading BS that they don’t swallow themselves but hope that you are one of the ‘greater fools’ so necessary to economics who will buy it .Cardinal Sheen wrote a great book ‘Nice People’ which sank his chances of becoming Pope…there are, sadly, too many nice people [e.g. everyone’s aunt Polly] in the west who will shout down anyone who tries to point out where and how western society has been screwed up over the last 55 years. [starting with anyone who objected to the anti Vietnam-war stirrers when most people didn’t even know there was a war on] Our biggest handicap is the huge majority of these ‘nice people’ most of whom claim to be ‘Christians’ who will shout down and out-vote anyone with any reasoning ability / sense of secular social responsibility. There are too few of us with accurate BS filters and Rat-odor detectors……….

  3. My email address got stuffed up so my latest comment seemed to come from someone else……

  4. Tucci, I have done many physician seminars. i teach in a residency program

    If you calld me i would respond–and look forward to the opportunity.

    thanks for interest.

    as for the indexing–there is a simple way, just got to the search box and creaete an index and see what pops up.

    Word Press is very good at capturing words and phrases and people for an archive.

    • as long as I have known you, in the platonic sense, Roger, I have always thought your judgments and perceptions were reliable.

      Here was a shocker–I was asked to approve this comment? Why, I don’t know, since I never approved your comments before.

      • Many regrets, JDD, JS.com thought I was someone else because my email address somehow got an ‘e’ at the beginning……

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