Wind is supplying 8% of the electricity needed? Wow. Like could gerbils do better?

This really sets the table–these clowns put up hundreds of multi million dollar windmills and waddutheyget? Pissant production, inefficient, unpredictable electricity produced by ugly big scars things on the landscape.

Oh for the good old days of energy plants secreted away in out of the way spots.

These monstrosities, monuments to stupidity have to be on ridges and prominences, even seashores to remind us of our STUPIDITY.


8 responses to “Wind is supplying 8% of the electricity needed? Wow. Like could gerbils do better?

  1. So 129 GW of wind turbines provided ~265,000 GWh of power? Yay.

    265,000 GWh / (365 days * 24 hr/day * 129 GW installed capacity) = 0.2345 capacity factor = 23% efficiency. That’s about as efficient as Hoover Dam but only half that of the Three Gorges Dam in China. And less than a third of a typical nuke plant (~78%).

    Europe has no options for large-scale hydroelectric, which is more consistent than wind or solar. They have no choice but to go with wind for their green initiatives.

    • AZ1971, wind produced electricity has NOTHING to do with any ”green”!!! For ”green” needs plenty of carbon and water => they don’t care about ”green” BUT: by succeeding to make the ”skeptics” to refer as ”CO2 is not good for green” => they are succeeding, what they intend…

      #2: rain washes CO2, SO2, nitrogen and if any pollution from the air into the soil. => the more rain, the more dirt washes! Extra dams on relatively dry land-> increase humidity and attract extra clouds from the sea… your ”greens” are against all the positive benefits.

      Bottom line: -” Skeptics referring wind &solar electricity as ”green” is all the Marxist need and expect from you guys… Algore should give you a big, big medal – inform Algore that I recommend…!

      (wind turbines are for advertising the non-existent global warming on every hill, and for laundering taxpayer’s$$$) whatever electricity they produce is ”low voltage / 250v — because of resistance in the cable; before it reaches to the main greed, is lost to resistance in the cable SO: don’t expect any contribution from ”your green power” – ”green” is duck poo! IF you ever get interested in ”truth” here is some

  2. The electricity generation data is subject to manipulation of a kind that is similar to the manipulation that is being applied to the globull surface temperature data.
    The economic endeavors who are paying the extra cost for subsidizing “renewable” and “clean” are being powered by energy from some source — it’s not the “renewables” proving to be self-sufficient.

  3. Ecomentalist have a way of looking past the negative and only seeing what they want. They nicely left out that in Europe wind turbines, over the course of a year, only produce about 25% of the rated capacity. So while they have installed 129GW of wind turbine capacity, it will only contribute about 32.25GW to the grid. This really means that wind will actually provided about 2% of Europe’s electrical needs.

  4. And they are blanketing the entire countryside with windmills, so much for preserving scenic beauty. Not to mention birds.

  5. 3 questions then:
    Again, how much energy, really? At what incremental cost? For what detrimental effect?

  6. Hank de Carbonel

    My question as well. What is the total installed nameplate generation capacity versus the actually produced electricity? I expect a meager number, but I could be wrong.

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