PLOS is sliding down into the lefty censorious political correctness sewer? Say it ain’t so.

PLOS was supposed to be an organization that promoted and fostered integrity of science.

Hank Campbell takes a loo, at some bad developments.

I have a recent experience with PLOS, vicarious, that a reputable and esteemed team of researchers submitted an extraordinary paper that disproved, in one fell swoop, a claim by the EPA. I might remind you that one good paper by one good researcher is, as Einstein said, enough to nullify the most elegant theory.

The PLOS editor, referencing his sources that “everybody knows that’s not true,” refused to review and assess the paper fairly according to proper standards and let the methods and results speak for themselves–he had already decided the outcome–the consensus would stand since the consensus was well funded and supported by the government agency and its researchers.

The 97% consensus cobbled together by the warmers is a similar thing. Censorship from the left and the fanatics is now ensconced at PLOS–wouldn’t that be a tragedy, but wouldn’t it also reflect the leftists march through the institutions.

Nice essay Hank.


One response to “PLOS is sliding down into the lefty censorious political correctness sewer? Say it ain’t so.

  1. Immediately after the end of WWII, as George Orwell predicted in the book he started writing in 1946, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, western science was corrupted by falsehoods inserted into the foundations of nuclear and solar physics:

    Physicists at CERN, winners of Nobel and Crafoord prizes, members of any National Academy of Sciences, and government scientists in DOE, NASA, EPA, etc. are encouraged to step forward and openly discuss, correct or improve these conclusions.

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