Attention food fetishists and people who “eat healthy” hardy har har

Here are two examples of why I think we should not be so obsessive about what we eat.

Lettuce is overrated as food, and eating clean (no carbos or gluten) is silly

I recommend moderation in all things, avoid excess eating because it makes you fat and that ain’t good, after that I say that the idea of junk food insults my intelligence. I prefer Italian to Oriental, but both are food. Same with Mexican and fast food–it’s got good stuff in it. Steak on the grill is a religious experience, same with BBQ, but that’s taste–some would consider Quiche a religious experience or a really good salad.

My wife makes a wonderful salad, discussed below, but the point is that lettuce is fake food, mostly water.

Organic food is about chemophobia and mysticism.

And another rule, food should taste good–people who eat some “healthy” foods have obviously trained themselves to suffer their “healthy eating” obsessions.

The writer reminds me of the diagnosis–orthorexia. I like a diagnosis if I can make one.

Sugars, which is carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals are DIGESTED and processed by the liver before they are used by the body. Pizza is a food–so are hamburgers, beer and whisky not so much except ethanol is sort of a carb.

I include cigars in the vegetable section of the food pyramid–good for ruminates like me who think and write a lot. Cows ruminate because they have to digest plant fiber. Horses just go with one simple process, so they eat more, thus the epithet hay burners.


3 responses to “Attention food fetishists and people who “eat healthy” hardy har har

  1. I agree all things in moderation. However what do people like me with a wheat allergy not gluten allergy do? I end up being gluten free because everything has wheat in it or on it. I am a foodie, I love to cook (I do so for a living) and I am always exploring new options and flavors. I am always pushing my friends and family to learn new techniques in cooking and baking. You are correct in that food should taste good as well. If you cannot make it taste good and still be healthy and holsum….back away and leave it alone. Let someone else do it. Be grateful they are your friends or family!

  2. The healthiest diet is “fad free”.

  3. Some people might be able to eat this much, but I m sure that they would be quite full and not able to eat for a period of time thereafter, which is not the case when you drink a can of Coke. Also, consider that natural foods such as carrots, grapes and watermelon contain nutrients that promote health.

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