Dostoevsky’s predictions–part II

Fyodor Dostoevsky was a moral, insightful and eloquent writer, prescient man and warned of the harm of socialist atheism. He was a believer and then a virulent anti communist.

R J Moeller, a conservative writer and prominent commentator/pundit wrote of Dostoevsky’s predictions that were uncannily accurate for someone who lived in the 19th century. We already put up Part I, From PJ Media.

Below is part II

In part I are 3 predictions of the 6 Moeller identified:

1. The destruction of family and familial traditions and customs in favor of rigid collectivistic and amoral sexual conduct.

2. Militant Atheism and a war on religion and God with the attendant decline in morality and replacement with utilitarian and deterministic relativism.

3. Genocide, persecutions and pogroms as a political strategy of the state. A war on the idea of the value of every individual–mindless brutal collectivism.

An in-depth discussion of the first three is found at

Here’s the second part of Moeller’s discussion, the 4th 5th and 6th prediction one could glean from Dostoevsky’s writing.

4. The war on private property, promoting class conflict fueled by envy

5. The war on education and curricula and the idolization of the new leftist intellectual (the ones that sling the Bull___ Voegeli and Frnkfurt talk about.

6. The war on liberty and individualism, Socialist collectivist human engineering and control.

I advise in favor of looking at part 2 on-line, since it doesn’t print out well for me.

Pictures go missing and the print is too light.


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