The great climate train robbery, by Paul Driessen

So the Hansen/Algore Gang created a panic and then started bilking the public.

Here’s an excellent discussion by Paul Driessen at TownHall. Paul points out the key to the game, why now we have so many pushing for the Paree deal, including big red popey–the panic is fueled by more than a trillion dollars in research and development as well as operating funds per year. Hell for a chunk of that I would consider lying, well maybe not, since my father looking down into my head and invading my dreams from the other side, would point out virtue and honesty are more important than money. Some people would call his voice, my conscience–whatever

Excellent essay Paul. I guess we’ll have to update our estimates of how much money is in play from the old JS posts.

Here’s the old JS posts on the enviro money in play. I see Paul’s point–we underestimated the impact of the enviro crazy movement, the money being lavished on climate crusaders and their running dog supporters.

Here’s Paul, who takes a lot of info from the Larry Bell book Scared Witless, my next book to read:


4 responses to “The great climate train robbery, by Paul Driessen

  1. “the panic is fueled by more than a trillion dollars in research and development as well as operating funds per year”

    Something to consider. It is not the scientists/researchers that are standing to gain big through this scam, they are just receiving the crumbs in the form of grants and research funds. The only reason for a scam this big, is if the people pushing for this stand to gain some immense amounts of money, power, and control. The scientists/researchers are just the hired help. From the beginning, this CAGW scam has never been about science.

  2. This isn’t news nor is it about any democrat. Climate industry spending was kicked off by George Bush #1 in 1990 with his USGCRP which mandated funding of global climate change programs via the Exec. branch and 13 fed. agencies. The now massive global climate industry was largely funded by this mandate which miraculously was in place before most people had heard of climate science. Many more climate spending programs have of course been added in the decades since Bush’s mandate.

  3. The magnetic North pole has been moving fast recently. This means the magma underneath the earths crust is moving. I speculate this creates hotspots. Google magnetic north pole moving. From 1830 to 1900 it hardly moved. Is it a coincidence the mini-ice age ended in 1850?
    I know for a fact the Romans did not global warming 100 BC to 400 BC.

    • the Minoan was around 3000 BC, the Roman was around 300 AD, the Medieval was around 1100 AD.

      Your point about magnetic North? I know that the North Star was not the North Star at one point and it won’t be in the future sometime.

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